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  • Top quality & highly innovative technology
  •  Direct power transmission
  • Power for sporty ski runs
  •  incl. poles

Superior Skis (Skis and poles) für the ultimate Ski-requirements! Affordable luxury and elegance! The bottom line of image and performance in order to stand out on the ski pists. The Rolls-Royce amongst the alpine skiiers!


  • Ski set (Skis, shoes and poles)
  • Smoothness at high speed
  • ideal power of transmission

The ski innovation of the season! Highest level of security through perfect edge grasp. Easier turning and less expenditure of energy through the high quality of workmanship - simply more fun on the slopes!


  • Ski set (Skis, poles and shoes)
  • Comfort with little effort
  • fun on the slopes with more tolerances for errors
  • Easy to turn and comfortable